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We provide turnkey solutions for the integrated remote control and monitoring of airport CNS systems including primary and secondary radar, air-ground radio communications, instrument landing systems and airfield beacons, as well as a broad range of ATC tower equipment. In addition to the front-line services listed above we provide control and monitoring of the support services such as UPS, standby power, fire detection, intruder detection and air-conditioning equipment as well as temperature and humidity monitoring. Our solutions also provide alarm detection, alarm annunciation and reporting, automated channel surveillance and control, historical data recording, and trending and performance monitoring. Safe, reliable and consistent operation is an essential part of our solutions. Our proven track record provides our customers with confidence in the solutions we offer.
Airport remote control and monitoring systems
For airfield lighting and navigation equipments
TEGE  - The Leader in RCMS since 1999
Human machine interface (HMI) for airport field equipment

TEGEwatchT HMI is specially designed to meet ICAO requirements. With an internationally recognized symbol set, TEGEwatch provides information for both engineers and managers regarding the status of airport equipment and services.

TEGEwatch HMI is designed to provide a simple, intuitive and consistent interface to a wide range of field equipment, allowing the operator to quickly assess the condition of systems and services and to safely and rapidly respond to changes.

The HMI uses a mouse as the operator's pointing and control device, and high-resolution active color graphics displays to dynamically indicate the status of the remote site equipment.

Mimic displays are configured in a logical hierarchical format while the operator log and the online help are always accessible.
Airport control and monitoring remote terminal units (RTUs)

The current generation of our RTUs are 32-bit ARM9 microprocessor-based devices. Embedded with the latest technology, they are offered in a range of enclosures, from single wall-mounted boxes to the more standard 19in rack-mounting format.

Our RTU family can be used in different range of airport control and monitoring applications depending on the field equipment in question. The main features include combinations of plug-in processors and I/O modules to handle large input/output point counts; system health monitoring for self monitoring; and multiple, configurable communication ports for handling different type of communications with third-party equipment.
Remote control and monitoring engineers and project managers

Through our wide range of products and highly experienced engineers and project managers we can provide turnkey solutions. This covers all aspects of the work, from an initial assessment of the requirement to the risk assessment, design, development, manufacture and ultimate commissioning of the solution.

All of our work is carried out under the auspices of our design engineering practices and procedures, which are approved to ISO 9001:2009.
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